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Geez these are getting harder.

006 always thought he, 003, and 009 were connected in a special way. They were all divisible by three, increasingly, and sometimes it felt like that was how the work load was divided.

003 was good at scouting and recon, she looked after 001, she helped Dr. Gilmore when the others got injured. All noteworthy jobs, but easier, he'd argue, then his and 009's.

009 constantly threw himself into every fight he could find, even more so than Jet ever did. It seemed Black Ghost especially wanted him dead, priority assasins and what not. 009 thought about thinks to much, trying to help everyone on the team and any less than fortunate soul they ran into along their journey. He never wanted to accept any help, he looked for easy jobs when they settled for any amount of time, and picked high stakes carreers when they settle for longer.

006 had the more subtle jobs. He burned things in battle, yes, but that was hardly the most important job he had. As chef, it was not only his job to feed his team, but it turned him into a bit of a shrink. What people would eat, how much, when - these all told him things about the people he fed. Learning to read people was important so he knew what to fix, and how to serve it - should he argue for a fancy meal, or just make mac 'n cheese and let them eat on their laps?

003 he felt helped with this, so maybe they were a little closer than he and 009. He had to multiply by three to get nine, but only two to get six. Or maybe he just needed to get more sleep.

003 slipped into the room, looking tired yet again. Looked like a mac 'n cheese night. They were having more and more of those, but he wasn't going to worry until the day he was told to skip the food. That was a bad sign, in a way Black Ghost attacking could never be.


A/N: Oddly serious, and a little weird, but I rather liked it. Everyone seems to have a "003 is awesome" speech, now 006 has one, too.

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