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Inspired by the Cities I'm in...

Side Note: Went back and wrote something for 003 and 007. Missed them somehow. Think I got everyone else. Might check. Might not.

006 had been whining about the food since they stepped off the plane. Mostly the little Chinese man seemed most upset that they had to fly at all. It took him away from his precious kitchen and left them to the tender mercies of wherever they were.

While no one would ever tell him this, the rest of the team didn't mind the break from 006's cooking. He was an excellent chef, but even the best repeat themselves. 009 had tried to explain this as some kind of muscles memory experience, but 005 thought maybe the boy had just been reading comics again. It was good for a child to do such a thing, but comics were so rarely about scientific accuracy.

As 005 looked over the itinerary for their next few weeks, he felt a twinge in his gut. The team spent so much time away from his homeland. The gentle giant was starting to miss the wide expanses of the American West. They may not contain the ancient cities of Europe or the technological marvels of the Orient, but no place they'd been yet matched standing at the edge of a canyon and staring out across miles and miles of untouched land. All the other countries were so old, the land had been used up. Some of these countries were too small to have ever really had any land. 005 was pretty sure his home state was bigger than a few of the countries they'd be passing through.

Hearing 006 trot up beside him, 005 started down at the man. The other cyborg had often expressed a desire to be able to turn off the translators, so he could "comment in peace!". It seemed to be an issue for any of the team who'd learned to curse quietly under there breath at some point in their lives. 006 was usually clean with his choice of words, but today he'd decided mimicking Jet was a better way to let off steam. The other American cyborg was also unhappy about flying via something other than his legs, but 004 had kept a firm hand on his shoulder their entire trip, which seemed to help.

"You know, 005, it would help if you blinked."

005 turned his attention back to 006. "What?"

"002 has no doubt told you this, but it bears repeating. When you're watching someone, you sometimes forget to blink, and it's rather frightening. Especially to us shorter people."

005 nodded. "I will try to blink more in the future."

006 nodded curtly in response before moving off towards 007, who was reciting something at a local girl who looked a little frightened and a lot confused. Whatever Dr. Gilmore had them after this time, 005 hoped it would be easily located. They were likely to get kicked out of Europe if 007 tried that line on a cop.

The cities were built differently by the Europeans and their decedents. Chang had never show much interest in visiting his comrades when they had their fits of isolation, vanishing to parts unknown. Chang had never really been a city man himself. 002 came from New York, 003 from Paris, 004 from Berlin, 007 from London, and 009 was somewhat of an urban kid himself. They just don't put orphanages in the middle of nowhere. That left 005, 006, and 008 to bond over the lack of city life. But Chang, unlike the other two, was mostly apathetic towards it.

He hadn't lived in a major city due to lack of funds rather than lack of interest. If he could have been a chef instead of a farmer, Black Ghost might never have bothered him. What use did they have for the emotionally stable? The only difficult target they had was 003 - the others were children or runaways. Chang was no different.

Looking around their most recent city, Chang had to admire the ability to cram so many people into so small a place. The streets made no sense, it managed to be both clean and filthy at the same time, and nobody spoke to each other. Even with the thin language barrier that seemed unique to Prague there hadn't been much talking. City people just didn't do that sort of thing. Chang wondered if part of 002's problem was that he should have been born elsewhere. The boy loved to talk, rambling on about anything, but if city dwellers were supposed to be focused and anit-social, the fiery teen would never really have fit in.

The others had moved ahead, pointing out interesting architectural pieces. Somehow they'd morphed into playing tourist at some point. Chang didn't mind - it was a nice break from running for their lives. Though if the man round the next corner had his way, they'd still end up in a fight. What sort of idiot tries such a large group, even if they are foreign? Chang wondered if he should point the man out, but figured someone would notice him. 008 might stick a blow dart in his throat.

On second thought, maybe Chang should warn the pick-pocket.

"You know what I miss the most?"

006 ignored his kitchen's unofficial mascot. 007 would tell him sooner or later, whether he cared or not.

"I miss getting my hair cut. I just never seem to be able to make a style stay, even with all this fancy technology, and it never works the same an actual trip to the salon. No whining about a poor job, trying to cover it up with a hat, wondering if your girlfriend will break it off because you look like a twit."

"007, you haven't had hair in years. Black Ghost didn't have an effect on your appearance."

The other cyborg sighed. "I know. I still miss it."

006 big the inside of his cheek. Maybe they'd get attacked and this fool would run off to save the day. Maybe.

Waxed a bit philosophical on the first two. Some unresolved childhood issue, no doubt.
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