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A Conversation Without Context

"This just isn't going to work." 008 stared bleakly at the fire in front of him. "Black Ghost was diverse in designing their team, but putting water and fire elementals together wasn't their brightest idea."

"Nonsense! We've never impeded each other before."

"Generally, the team does not have us work together. I work with 005, and you work with 007 or 002."

"Now there's a match that makes no sense!" Sitting on a log near the edge of their camp, 006 blew a short flame in place of a sigh. "He's air born, and probably was long before Black Ghost got a hold of him. Head in the clouds, dreams bigger than he'll admit, and that kids loves to explore. I think he's visited 003 and 004 six times over the last two years."

"And you have such a level head."

"I own a restaurant! Chefs can't be blasting off at the drop of our hats just because we can." 006 watched the other cyborg, wondering where the rest of their team had gotten to. "I have to stay grounded, and tunneling is just a manifestation of my personality!"

"And what would water abilities say about me?"

"That you adapt, quickly, and we shouldn't underestimate your temper." 006 paused, frowning. "Actually, give this line of thought, you should have lost your temper with us by now."

"Maybe the ocean is just more patient than most people think. It's not like storms specifically target sailors - it's just the natural course of things, and nothing to get so worked up over."

006 hummed in thought, tossing another stick onto their fire. "I've never thought of it that way. Water always seemed so...non-conforming. Unruly, even. Uncontrollable."

"Says the man who breathes fire."

006 laughed. "Indeed." Hoping off the log, the shorter cyborg jumped on the flames, dousing them immediately. "We should probably go find our teammates. Knowing them, their in some fight somewhere, and this unlikely duo needs to save the day!"

"You've been spending too much time with 007 again."

"Black Ghost named him after a British spy - we can't hold that against him."

"Oh can't we."

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