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Why I Shouldn't Write After Midnight

I may redo this one...

It really had nothing to do with historical relations between their countries. They just had nothing in common. 009 was young and anxious to do good in the world, to play the hero American style. 006 wanted a restaurant to call his own, a place where he'd wouldn't have to worry about being shot at, and to generally be forgotten by the big, bad world out there.

Really, the only thing they had in common was how emotional they got, and even then they were different about it. 006 would keep it in until he exploded in a short burst, then stormed off to the kitchen to cook off his frustrations. 009 reacted immediately, arguing passionately about whatever it was that was wrong with the world at that moment. Neither of them had a record for winning their arguments. The rest of the world just didn't have heart somedays.

The two spoke at dinner or when the team went on outings. They fought together as well as any of the team did. 009 had even dropped by to visit during the calm periods, staying for a meal before departing as quickly as he had come. 006 didn't mind though. The boy could attract trouble like few others, and a now-old man wanting to settle down didn't need teenage drama.

It bothered some of their other teammates. 007 thought they should all get along, and 003 had tried a few times to get them all together. Generally though, they'd grouped off. 003, 004, and 007 had gone back to their countries, or at least their continent. 002 headed off towards the USA, but he seemed to spend as much time in Europe as anywhere. 005 and 001 were up to something in Russia, though nobody asked since it was clear they weren't looking for help. 008 spent time in Africa helping his people. 009 had just vanished.

Truthfully, it was 008 that 006 saw the most. It wasn't a distance thing - the two just seemed to get along best in the "real world". 008 also kept tabs on everyone else - that military training digitized into his brain - so 006 didn't have to worry about his old team. 007 had been fun, and the whole team had been close, but this concept of them being a family wasn't quite true. They were too different to be that accepting of each other, and some of them didn't want all that much help.

006 didn't want friends or a spiritual awakening. He didn't need a surrogate family or a teacher, or even a partner in crime. He just needed a direction in life, and when he'd discovered cooking it became a matter of time before he left the team. After the uglier battles the team always split, and as time passed 006 replied slower to each call for assistance, each invitation or letter. They were good people, but he didn't really want to see them. They held some of his worst memories, even with the good ones.

Glancing out his restaurant door, 006 thought he saw a flash of red and orange, but he let it go. 008 always called, and if the others wanted to check up on him then let them. He didn't have to say hello. 009 wasn't the only one who could slip out of sight, and 006 had been practicing long before that boy had ever been born.

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