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Good things come in threes?

Let's wrap this up, I need something cute and/or funny floating about my head.

The bright light wasn't welcome. It'd been the last clear memory he had, and now there was one directly above him and it wasn't going away. At least when they'd been the cause of the light he knew it would go out soon.

Tilting his head to the side, the light dimmed some. He was no longer falling. Nor was he dead. What was going on?

The room looked like any of the many labs they'd set up as they moved about the world. Part medical, part expirimental, part mechanical repairs, the room was as unplesant as any doctor's office. Maybe a bit more because you could fix a car in here, too.

Unfortunately, that was about all he could see, as he'd turned his head towards a wall. Exerting effort wasn't fun, but he wanted to know where he was, if he was alone...

His other side revealed people. Closest at hand was a sight he was going to miss - 003 sound asleep. They were supposed to have died, not that he was complaining. And seeing Francoise again made it worth all the unexplained bits. The missing parts, too, as he distinctly remembered loseing an arm somewhere along the line.

"You're awake."

009 tilted his sight upwards to the other table. 002 was out cold, looking much the worse for wear. Both his legs were off, and everything left attached seemed to have been splinted, bandaged, or otherwise treated for injuries. 004 was sitting on the other side, keeping watch he supposed. "Huh?"

"We found you two outside, not that far from here actually, any idea how you got there?"

009 blinked. He wasn't sure how they'd survived, no he didn't know how they'd found their friends. Unless 002 hadn't passed out during the fall the way he had. Burning through the atmosphere while concious...Joe didn't envy him that.

"Dr. Gilmore says Jet must have had some fuel left and been able to slow your decent enough. You both still look like Hell. But at least you're alive."

009 felt a blush trying to form. Clearly the others had been upset about their heroics, even if they were needed. 003 he had expected - they'd grown close over their time together. Thinking back though, it made sense for 004 to be upset, too. He'd lost multpile people, and for all his solitude, he'd grown attached to 002. He'd never worked out the details of the relationship, but they were definately good friends. Brothers, maybe? Something Joe missed terribly. He'd have to scold 002 when he woke up about being reckless again. Only 009 was supposed to die in that attack.

"Francoise's been in here since you got back. It don't think even 005 could make her leave."

"You too?" His voice was harsh, but it worked. Hopefully Dr. Gilmore could fix that like everything else.

"Almost. I couldn't help with the medical procedures, but I did my part. I brought you guys in with 008 and helped find all the...pieces."

009 nodded, wincing slightly at the abused muscles. 004 had begun playing with 002's hair, not unlike a father would a sick child. 009 again felt awkward. Most of the team didn't do affection, not publically. 007 was crazy, but at least everyone knew how he felt about things.

"You can go back to sleep. We'll still be here when you wake up."

Nodding again, Joe shifted so his remaining hand was resting on Francoise's. "Thank you."

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