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I have figured it out!

So many epiphnies!!...and not one of them helping me spell any better. Sorry this has nothing to do with anything, I just couldn't come up with a subject line. ^_^

Hahahahaha, finished another one!! Onto 005!

This one's somewhat of a continuation(?) of an earlier one. Maybe more a companion piece?


He'd caught Pyunma a good hour ago. Having been raised in similar ways, he'd had no trouble tracking the African down. Factoring in that Pyunma was now much more childlike, it was almost embaressing that the others hadn't found him yet.

Watching from their hiding spot in a large evergreen, Geronimo almost smiled at the figures below, darting about trying to find his companion. Pyunma wasn't paying any attention, his currently child-like mental state leaving him more than interested in Geronimo's scarf. Flapping it about like some kind of bird, the African giggled.

Geronimo might have become somewhat sadistic, in a very faint way, but enough was enough. His friend would be upset enough without this to add to the memories of the day. "Pyunma, we need to move."


"Dr. Gilmore will want to see us soon. He has...a treat that he wants to give us."

Pyunma perked up at that. "Can we play spies on the way there? Jet says it's the best game ever."

Geronimo nodded, smiling thoughtfully when his friend leapt thoughtlessly out of the tree and began playing immidiately. Really, Black Ghost needed to go. This was just...cruel...


I'm thinking of turning this into a full, fleshed out story. I like my child-like cyborgs. Any thoughts?

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