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Rereading is bad for your self-esteem

So, really, my last drabble had little to do with Dr. Gilmore, so I'm thinking maybe 005 is going to be uncooperative and go slightly out of order. Considering his size, I'm not arguing with the man. He can go in whatever order he pleases. I will, however, try to minimize this (translation: I'm trying not to do that again, my B!).

Ivan stared at the bundle in front of him. 'What is it?'

"It's a papoose. My people used it for carrying their young around when they had to work or move."

'I'm really fine with the box, you know.'

"The rest of us are not. It looks like you're a toy instead of a person, and the box can get tiresome when we have to carry it. It was not designed with constant transportation in mind."

Ivan sighed. He wasn't going to argue, and he really only had minimal say in this. Besides, when he was asleep, what did he care what they carried him in. And if it helped Francoise by keeping her hands free... 'Fine, how does it work...'

005 smiled, feeding Ivan's bad mood. Not only were they treating him like a kid, he was acting like one. Stupid Black Ghost.


I have not put in the effort to find out if 005's specific ancestoral group used a papoose. I'm lazy that way. Somebody state side did, and that's going to have to be good enough for now. Maybe I'll change in later.

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