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Hopefully the link will work this time...

Yes, sorry, I miss typed something. Tis fixed now.

Jeticous Americanous.

Jet blinked at the page in front of him. Francoise had dropped the notebook in his lap earlier that day, looking amusingly peeved. He hadn't thought much about it until 007 had shot the same notebook a much less appriciative look. Having nothing else to do until dinner, he'd decided to take a look.

Now he knew why they never got 005 drunk. Or even vaguely out of sorts.

"Think he spent to much learning about animals as a child?"

"Hm?" Joe looked up from his magazine. "What are you talking about?"

"This." Jet held up the book. To his credit, Joe did look like he'd tried to not to laugh, however much he may have failed. "You want to see your page?"

"I have a page!"

"Don't sound so pleased!"

Joesephication Japanionous

"He makes you sound like a cheetah."

"I am rather speedy."

"Whatever, I'm going to dinner." Tossing the book on the table, he stormed into the dining room. Watching him go, Joe looked back at the coffee table.

"Maybe we should have made sure it was incense we put in his room."

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