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I don't do staying awake for 24 hours peacefully. Grr, rawr, rawr.

This will no doubt be horrendous. I'm honestly too tired to care. Maybe I will fix it later...when I've slept...x_x

"Interesting choice."

Francoise looked up as Geronimo stopped near her. She'd been working on the garden once again. The last one hadn't worked as they'd had to leave only a few days after she'd planted. Hopefully it had bloomed gorgeously, but she'd never know. "Hello."

Geronimo's gaze wondered over the garden. His eyes paused on each kind of flower, recognition blossuming on his face. "You know each kind of blower has its own meaning?" She nodded slightly.

"I don't know what they are though."

Leaning over, Geronimo plucked a blue bud. "Here. It stands for loyalty."

"Thank you." Francoise tucked the flower behind her hair, smiling up at her teammate. "It's lovely."

"We are loyal to each other. We would never leave anyone behind."


A/N: I felt this warrented a note. This came from watching one of the movies where 009 kept trying to make her not come along to the fight. Foolish boy. Also, in the manga anyways, he brother chases after her, and I seriously doubt she ever found that out. Just feeling like maybe she needed some love. I'm done now.

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