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I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Isn't it great when you feel happy for no reason at all? ^_^

Probably the result of my being in a good mood, this is a very odd little piece. Oh well!

BG stared down at the box in his lap. It had thirteen little pieces of chocolate in it, compliments of Skull and Mr. Stripes. They hadn't given him a reason for it, just dumped it on him and run off, laughing like idiots.

Most of the pieces were white, which bothered him considerably since he didn't think white chocolate counted. it certainly didn't taste like normal chocolate did. One of the pieces looked blue, and rather like it was trying to split into two, amoeba style. A black piece and a little house sat next to it, finishing the row with a little yellow man.

That really only left two pieces of chocolate that he knew he'd like. The box only contained two brown pieces, one dark and one milk. Not one to take chances, BG picked the dark chocolate one up first. "You gotta do what you like best first." Reviewing the boxes contents again, he took a bite.


"Ouch!" 008 leapt off his chair, rubbing at his rear. "Something bit me!"

"Yes, that was a good movie, but please don't quote it, too. The others have been at it all night."

008 glared at his friend as he sat back down. He didn't bother trying to hide his grin when 005 jumped not five minutes later, rubbing at his shoulder. "See?"

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