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Seriously, I'm surprised all these shows haven't caused an uprising in criminal activity...

'Leverage'is just far too awesome, really. Does make you wonder what it would be like...

"Hey, 005, you any good at video games?" The gentle giant paused, studying the television the teen was sitting in front of. "002 caught the flu last night or something, so he's been restricted to bed. He's been whinging all morning."

"Even with the company?"

"There's only so much 004 can do. Jet's already drugged to the gills on cold medicine. Anyways, I don't have anyone to play with." 009 held up a second controller, "so?"

"I can try, I have never actually played one of these games before."

"New expirences are always fun. Besides if you kick my ass, you can brag to all the others about how amazing you are. Jet and I do all the time."

"How strange."

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