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Plug and Chug, I continue on...slightly off the trail.

Hm, not even a month, I'm getting better at this not procrastinating thing. Second one is way off topic, but that's what I get for writing without paying attention.

'Really 006, I can handle more than this. A repetetive diet makes for a very uninteresting meal and more than a little irritation at watching others eat.'

"Now now, you're an infant, you can only handle so much."

001 sighed, the pacifier twitching in his mouth. This baby food thing was getting old. He was going to start bothering Dr. Gilmore again about undoing whatever Black Ghost had done to keep him an infant. At the very least he needed some teeth. Maybe carrots would taste good again if they weren't always mushed up.

It was more than a little strange, being the same age with the American. Jet Link was tall and lanky, but not really much older than Ivan himself. Being trapped in an infant's body was unplesant enough when he was stuck with scientists and other adults. Now he spent most of his time with another teenager.

Jet was hardly a normal teen. Raised in American, New York to be specific, living on the streets, and now kidnapped by Black Ghost. The boy had been quiet since his arrival, but Ivan could tell he was usually much louder, an outspoken kid with little tolerance for authority figures. Ivan hoped that trait hadn't been lost with Jet's legs.

Pulling himself into a standing position in his crib, Ivan watched his new roommate. Jet was sitting on his bed, playing with the legs of his pants. Ivan had been operated on when he was very young, and his changes were all internal. He could imagine what it was like to have entire limbs replaced, chopped off like it didn't matter. He wondered if Jet could even feel the new legs, the mechanical engines he was going to be stuck with for the rest of his life.

'Have they told you why you're here yet?'

Jet twitched, but said nothing. The first time Ivan had tried talking to him had been almost comical. For all the comics Americans read, apparently very few of them thought the abilities of their superheros could ever actually exist. Jet had yelped and fallen over, the shock and new appendages too much for his balance. It had taken a good day before he'd started to believe the voice in his head belonged to the infant across the room.


The teen swung his legs over the side of his bed, pulling himself upwards himself. He walked over to the observation window, then back, his steps cautious, but better than they'd been yesterday. Jet frowned and dropped back onto the bed. "They said something about a war."

'Yes. We're meant to be weapons in a war they're going to start.'

"Didn't it occur to them that we'd object to this? That maybe some of us don't want to spend our lives killing people we've never met?"

'I sincerely doubt they care.'

Jet looked back at the observation window. It was a large opening that stared into the operating room, a few feet above the floor Black Ghost probably wanted them to be entertained, or at least interested. Ivan thought it rather disturbing, the oppurtunity to watch someone stripped of their physical humanity. He hadn't watched Jet, but he was sure there'd be others.

"Are we the first? Or just the first of this set?" Jet switched his gaze to the infant. "How many are there?"

'Most of Black Ghost's weapons are just machines. I believe we are the only two cyborgs in exitance. If there were any prototypes before us I do not know, and they haven't survived.'

"They have another one. A girl this time. She's in there now, but they haven't started." Jet's face took on a greenish hue. "We can't hear them, can we? Just having to watch would be back enough. If we have to listen to them, I'm gonna be sick."

'No, the room is sound proof. I wonder why the have a girl?'

"Who knows. They started with a baby, and really, where's the sense in that?"

'My father is resposible for me, not Black Ghost. You are technically the first cyborg they created from scratch. I was simply altered - my super human aspects were not their work.'

Jet's face darkened. "Your father did this?"

'He is a...disturbed man. I won't be sorry to see him go.'

"Are we really going to stay here, do what they tell us to? Don't you want to escape?"

'Yes, but we must wait for you to be in better condition at the very least. If this girl is another one, we should wait and take her with us. The more people we can liberate, the better.'

Jet nodded. "We'll need to know more about what the girl and I can do, too. And a map of this place. Can't escape if we don't know how far we are from the exit, right?"


Jet flopped backwards onto the bed, eyes drifting closed. "I'm going to sleep. Can't do much now, and my legs..." He swallowed and tried again. "My legs still hurt sometimes. I keep hoping I'll just wake up."

Ivan kept silent while the boy drifted off. Neither of them was ever going to qualify for normal teenagedome. This was one nightmare that wouldn't end. He dropped back into the crib and picked up one of the toys left for him. Not being able to drift off like the rest of the world, the scientists had had to find ways for Ivan to keep busy when everyone else slept. Overly complex trickets were their current game. Ivan stared at the toy, debating taking it apart mentally, the settling for pulling at the rings. It would take up more time. Wasn't like he was going anywhere.


A/N: Second one was actually kind of long. And totally off topic. Will get back on again, but I'm leaving this one up. I like it.

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