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What The?!

How is it that I somehow managed to miss 1/5 of my stories! How did I not notice? And, creepily enough, I don't remember writing some of these. Hm...

There wasn't really any way to make friends with 001. He was unconscious half the time, and when he was awake he was too busy being smart to deal with the rest of the team. 007 felt bad the kid, but even that wasn't a good idea, since the telepathic abilities tended to kick in at the worst times. A few unpleasant conversations, courtesy of that.

Still, 007 had made it a goal to break through the intellectual shell. He didn't have the faintest idea how, but it was something to think about. Something that didn't involve killing or plotting to escape.

And idea presented itself on one of the rare occasions when they were all allowed to spend a night together. They were out training against another team - human soldier, but none of the ammo was supposed to be live. 004 had been more-or-less disabled to keep the fight fair. 007 could hear the brooding across the clearing they'd staked as their base for the night.

A rustling noise pulled his attention closer. 001 had propped himself against the base of a tree. The lack of movement for the last hour suggested that he was doing something concerning their targets, but truthfully 007 hadn't thought to ask. The team rarely actually talked to 001. In a way, creepy as is it was, the infant was the least human of all of them.

The rustling came again. 001 didn't react, even as his small frame shivered, visibly this time. 007 twitched his nose, borrowing from some lizard that took massively accurate temperature readings. It was getting cold out here. The rest of them rarely noticed, but 001 was the oldest model. Perhaps he registered temperatures like a normal child.

Moving over to the infant, 007 tapped his stomach, ignoring the queasy feeling that accompanied changing shape these days. The doctors still didn't quite have the formula right, but they had expanded it to include both living and inanimate objects. Feeling his skin shift to the worn softness of flannel, 007 wrapped himself around their unofficial leader.

001 didn't react, but the shivers stopped. 007 figured that could count as a start. At least the others would be appreciative, especially the nice blonde girl who usually didn't give him more than the time of day.

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