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Just pluggin' through 'em today!

And here's some more. I was going to save them and post one at a time, but I'm so far behind at this point it doesn't much matter. So long as I finish, right?

Albert knew he was the most reflective of the team. Maybe obsessive, definitely fixated, he thought too much about most things and kept comparing things back to when he had been with Hilda. When he’d been entirely, unarguably human. It was incredibly selfish and he knew it, especially since he wasn’t the only one on the team with a depressing history. He hadn’t even lost the most.

005 was the kindest one out of the group, and he’d lost more than any of them. He didn’t have a family, didn’t have a home, hardly had a culture thanks to some bad choices a few centuries ago. Yet he was constant, optimistic about all their encounters, eager to be of assistance. He focused on Nature, animals and plants instead of people. Perhaps because people had problems that were much harder to solve.

Out the window he could see the Indian wondering about the field behind their apartment complex. Albert had been out there a few times himself, and never noticed anything. 005 had been tracking chipmunks, foxes, and wild turkeys all month.

Maybe he’d ask 005 to teach him how to spot all those tracks. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?

The team had started going to the movies every week not long after Black Ghost had stopped sending 00 cyborgs against them. Being an outdoorsmen, Geronimo had never showed much interest. But after nearly a year, he was beginning to get lonely on movie night. Even when the movie night had been held at home due to weather, attacks, or general laziness, he’d never shown much interest and the rest of the team had stopped asking him to join them.

002 was trotting past the hall, pulling on his jacket as he went. The teen had been grumbling earlier about the movie they were supposed to see that evening. Some kind of romantic comedy. The weather was being uncooperative, and Geronimo had read all the books in the house already. There really was no other choice.

“002?” The boy paused, scowl fading. “May I come along?” 002 blinked at him.

“Yes. It’s a group activity. Bonding or something.”

“Alright, I’ll be right out.” He smiled as the teen rolled his eyes and continued on his way, mumbling something about strange housemates. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen a movie. It couldn’t be as bad as 002 was making it sound. 003 had said something about singing and Greece.

“I don’t get it, why didn’t they pick…soldiers, or something! People who actually know how to fight and strategize already. Why pick people who don’t know much about anything outside their own small worlds?”

006 paced his cell, face much more thoughtful than usual. 005 watched him from his own cell across the hall. The newest creation, 006 hadn’t shown his abilities yet. This probably meant they weren’t online versus that they didn’t work. Black Ghost was very good at what it did. Shame it hadn’t put those powers to something more productive, like colonizing the moon or saving endangered species. Why an unending war? How was that helpful in the long run, and anything robotic can outlast a normal human with frightening ease.

“They must have had their reasons, and I don’t much care, but I’m a cook! What am I gonna do, feed the enemy to death? That takes a long time and they’d kill me long before I could kill them.”

“Do you really want this to have happened to someone else?”


“Then why are you suggesting they take a different innocent. A soldier would except this because it was an order. A civilian will give a much better reaction because no one wants this done to them who doesn’t already fight. If they’re going to make an army, they need a large group of people to pull from. And if they’re making weapons, why both training them before, if the information can just be implanted in their brains.”

006 blinked at him. “That’s the most I’ve ever heard you say.”

“It’s the most you will hear for a long time.” 005 looked towards the end of the hallway. “They’ll be testing your abilities next. Whatever they are, do your best. It’s better to be alive and try to stay human than to be killed and replaced.”

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