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Well, look at that. I shot through that 005 like I knew what I was doing. ^_^

"You know you guys are jerks right? This is just mean." The man across the room from Chang, or 006 as he was now called, continued with his notes. They'd just run his through yet another simulation, after each checking him over and over to make sure his new 'abilities' weren't damaging him. Just everything around him. "I mean, what am I supposed to do now? How does this help me? Not that you guys care, I'm sure."

"This program has little to do with you as an individual, will help to end the various wars. That's why we're doing this." The doctor didn't look up when he said it, and Chang was sure neither of them was buying it.

"Right. That's why you only took volunteers. I'm sure there was no shortage, since it's going to help the world." Usually Chang tried to be generally nice to everyone, but sometimes there was no holding back sarcasm, expecially the acidic kind.

The doctor sighed, and glanced at the door. Tapping his pencil against his clipboard, he sighed again. "I know this is not enjoyable. But maybe...maybe there's something." The man glanced back at the door again. "You cook, yes? That was you job before?"

Chang nodded, not getting where the man was going.

"Maybe...I can get you into the kitchen. The food here is terrible anyways, and if you really like to...and, since your ability is fire..."

"I still don't like you. I still think you're a bad man."

"We all are." Checking something final on his sheet, the doctor walked to a button on the wall. "But I don't want people to suffer. I really was trying to help someone...anyone..." He looked back at Chang with sad eyes. "Can I at least help you with this?"

Chang studied the man for a moment, then nodded, slowly. He winced at the man's words as pressed the intercom.

"Subject 006 completed. Final tests prove successful."

He still thought they were all bad men.

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