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Wow, psychology can be most disconcerting...

One of these days I will put a subject line that has something to do with the story I post under it. Obviously, that isn't today.

"Where you're from, do people really eat dogs?"

Chang stared at his companion, snapping out of it when the water started boiling. Wiping his hand, the chef returned his attention to his guest. "What? Why?"

"Just wondering. Dr. Gilmore says we're supposed to learn about each other, since we're going to be living together for a while and all."

"Oh, well...that's pretty normal, I guess. Any reason you started with...eating dogs?"

"Dr. Gilmore says we should think about things we wanted before we were taken. I always wanted a dog."

"And you want to make sure I'm not going to cook it for dinner?"

"When you say it like that!" Jet scowled and shifted his stance. "I don't know, it's some stupid thing the Doc's doing to make sure we're all still...normal, or something."

"Hm." Salting the water, Chang emptied the box of pasta into the pot. "Yes, there are people who eat dogs in my country, but I've never done it. And I certainly won't feed your pet to you, I'm no where near that mean."

"Alright,, we've got that out of the way...I'm gonna go..."

Chang laughed as the teen paced out of their kitchen. Whatever Dr. Gilmore had been trying to do, look like he missed his mark. Chang made a mental note to leave any form of pet off the menu, though it might make a nice April Fool's.


A/N: Absolutely horrible, but upon being confronted with this, neither boy had any bright idea, short of trying to cook something with Jet's legs instead of Chang's fire. That's wasn't going to end well...^_^

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